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Farmakonnutrivet is a technology driven company focusing on development of novel Biologicals, futuristic diagnostic platform technologies and agri -biotechnological solutions. Farmakonnutrivet identifies scientific challenges in the industry and provides innovative solutions by leveraging upon the scientific commitment and seamless research partnerships.

Our Research partner Revelations Biotech received prestigious Biotechnology Industry Partnership Program (BIPP) grant from Department of Biotechnology (DBT) for developing some of the innovative technologies which can have tremendous impact on global healthcare.

Farmakonnutrivet shares DSIR recognized R&D establishment with Revelations at IKP Knowledge Park in the Genome Valley, Hyderabad. Revelations has developed several genetically engineered molecular scaffolds with unique diagnostic capabilities which will soon be patented. Farmakonnutrivet pledges to take these technologies to the end user and is committed to bring down the cost of medical diagnosis and therapeutics without compromising on the quality.

Farmakonnutrivet is into development of both live and attenuated poultry vaccines and striving to build a portfolio of vaccines for all the range of infectious poultry diseases to serve the farming community. Farmakonnutrivet is making in roads for development of novel biologicals which are implicated in human therapeutic areas. The major thrust areas of Farmakonnutrivet’s R&D are

  1. Development of poultry vaccines
  2. Development of novel biologicals and therapeutics implicated in human health care including Insulin, streptokinase, Erythropoietin, Monoclonal antibodies etc
  3. Development of novel pharmaceutical formulations to suit the requirements of live stock
  4. Development of novel molecular diagnostic technologies

Farmakonnutrivet's competitive advantage lies in its proven capability of developing innovative biologicals, molecular scaffolds with novel functions and fermentation technologies for producing biologicals.

Farmakonnutrivet currently operates a state of the art molecular biology laboratory jointly with Revelations Biotech for recombinant DNA manipulation, protein expression and purification routines and fermentation experiments. A balance between short term and long term projects is being observed in the operations of Farmakonnutrivet R&D efforts considering risks and rewards involved.

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