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1. MFG Facility:
Feed additive & supplements for Animal Nutrition in Powder, Granules, Liquid, Suspension & Bolus or Tablets forms for.....
  • Technological additives: Improves Feed Quality (Anti-Oxidant, Pellet Binder),

  • Sensory Additives: Colouring & Flavouring Agents to improve feed palatability,

  • Nutritional Additives: Improves nutritional value of feed (Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids)

  • Zootechnical Additives: Additives to improves digestibility & to reduces environmental burden.

  • Coccidiostats & Histomonostats

  • Manufacturing Capabilities: Powder, Granules, Liquid, Suspension & Bolus or Tablets

    Capacity: 1200 Tons of Powders or Granules Annually.
                         600 Tons of Liquid & Suspension Annually
                         50 Million Tablets/Bolus

2. WHO GMP Facility:

For Diagnostics, Suspension, Liquid, Powder, Granules & Tablets

For Human & Veterinary, We do customized manufacturing of Pharmaceutical formulations in the form of Powder, Liquid Orals, Tablets, Capsules & Ointments.

3. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients:

We do custom synthesis of Veterinary API’s.

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